Faq Page

1. Can I purchase a used tractor from www.tractorbaazi.com?

Yes, on www.tractorbaazi.com, you can raise an enquiry for any tractor(s) that you wish to purchase. You can choose from a wide range of certified and non - certified used tractors. The final purchase transaction must happen physically between you and the respective tractor seller. This platform essentially provides you to have a first look at all available tractors and choose the ones you like through multiple filter options.

2. How do I express interest for a tractor listed on www.tractorbaazi.com?

Once you go to the “Buy” section, you will be able to look at all the certified and non- certified, used tractors available. You can choose through multiple filter options to see tractors as per your own preference. In case you want to express interest in a particular tractor, you can click on the “I’m Interested” button, after which you will need to enter your basic details. The respective seller will reach out to you to have a further discussion with you.

3. What are the benefits that I get on buying a Tractorbaazi certified used tractor?

  • Choose from a wide variety of used tractors across various brands
  • Tractorbaazi certification which is awarded after a detailed 39 point inspection
  • Assurance in the form of warranty and 2 free after-sales services
  • Best price guarantees
  • Availability of a range of financing options

4. Do I get the same benefits as Tractorbaazi tractors on non–certified, used tractors listed on this website?

Certification, Warranty and After Sales Service are available only on Tractorbaazi certified tractors. On all non - certified tractors, benefits have to be individually negotiated with the seller.

5. How can I be sure that I am getting the used tractor at the best price at Tractorbaazi?

At Tractorbaazi, we have created the most comprehensive used tractor price check tool for the first time ever in the industry. The tool has been created after considerable primary and secondary research and runs on the back of millions of actual data points. This is what makes this tool more accurate and reliable than any other method of valuing the used tractors. Since our Tractorbaazi dealers use our valuation tool for pricing their Tractorbaazi tractors, you can stay rest assured that you are paying the right price.

6. What are the documents that I need to purchase a used tractor from Tractorbaazi dealership?

RC Book and Bank NOC (if tractor is under hypothecation) are the mandatory documents. In case the dealer needs any other documents (depending on the specifics of the transaction), he will let you know separately.

7. Whom should I contact for a service problem with my tractor?

For any service related issues with your Tractorbaazi certified tractor or any other queries regarding the platform, you can reach out to the Tractorbaazi dealer from whom you purchased the tractor. Alternatively, you can call on our toll-free number 1800-266-4466.

8. Do you also buy/sell used implements?

We currently do not list any used implements on the website. Please contact on our toll-free number 1800-266-4466 if you wish to buy or sell any used implement.

9. Can I just sell my used tractor at www.tractorbaazi.com without exchange?

Yes, you can list your tractor for sale by registering yourself and then going to the “Sell” section of the website. While, listing a tractor for sale is possible on the website, the final sale transaction will happen offline between you and the buyer.

10. How do I contact Tractorbaazi?

You can contact us on the toll-free number 1800-266-4466.